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We designed this laneway house for a corner lot in the Dunbar neighbourhood of Vancouver, featuring a garden entry of the side street and a front door facing the existing house. Prefabricated in a factory the walls (complete with windows and exterior insulation), floors and roof were erected in 3 1/2 days. The lot size is 35 feet wide by 110 deep, giving a basic square footage of 493 sqft; add to that the outdoor deck, area bonuses and exclusions and the total useable area is just under 1000 sqft.


Conceived of by the owners as an executive furnished rental accommodation with garage for vintage german sports car parking and restoration, it's perfectly located to take advantage of the many amenities of the walkable commercial area known as Dunbar Village. Additional insulation outside of the structural framing ensures that the house stays warm in winter and cool in summer. A remotely controlled kitchen skylight with rain sensor and blind, integrated home audio/visual system, and silent garage roll-up door feature prominently. Glass accents in every room making spaces feel brighter and roomier.

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