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We believe in increasing your property's value by building beautiful, well-considered and liveable structures. In every case our goal is to make life better for you the client, with a beautiful, high quality build. 


We design each project with your specific budget needs and purpose in mind. We strive for architectural excellence either in its beautiful form or in its practical functionality.

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Thomas Monies has been working on residential design and building for the last 20 years. He has made a career out of his passion and enjoys working together with other professionals and clients to create extraordinary spaces that they never thought were possible. Thomas uses imagination, creativity, vision to see the possibilities that can be created in each unique project, and then through skill turns those visions into reality.


Thomas Frauenberger is a longtime supporter of beautiful (and affordable housing). In 2009, he co-founded Lanecraft Lane and Coach Houses and oversees the design, development and building process of every project. Thomas completed his Bachelor's degree in Commerce and a Masters in Architecture at UBC. His architecture and design background, financial skills, and work experience in property development and project management, give him a unique basis from which to design and build custom homes for his clients. Each experience has brought lessons in development: Thomas has worked for both profit-driven developers developing compact and luxurious city dwellings and also for more socially-minded development companies building highly sustainable and affordable housing.


What sets Thomas & Thomas apart is a personal approach to thoughtful design and a careful and efficient approach to construction. Working together, the Thomas & Thomas team has created numerous practical, logical and beautiful lane and coach houses and residential renovation projects in Vancouver, Langley and on the North Shore. Thomas & Thomas projects consistently gather accolades for their clever layout, square footage and quality finishes. Most importantly, the houses and spaces are comfortable for their occupants, be they employees, extended family or rental residents.


Client satisfaction at the end of the job is our number one motivator; our business relies on word of mouth and reputation and that’s why we work hard to provide what we promise in a timely manner.

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